The Los Angeles Times:

Ode to a First Kiss

Dance With Me

Music and Movies: Timeless Love Affair

When Those First Sparks of Romance Fly

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Are You Game?

Now Playing

A Lot of Coaching, a Little Ribbing

The Dodgers’ First Lady

A Lot of People Had Hand in ‘Oz’ on Road to Silver Screen

A Mr. Right for Every Occasion

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The Los Angeles Daily News:

Love on the Lines (print)

Love on the Lines

A Tale of Two Artists (print)

A Tale of Two Artists

The Great Greg Maddux (print)

The Great Greg Maddux

LISTEN to “The Great Greg Maddux” recited by Vin Scully:


The Huffington Post:

Are You Christian Grey? Take the Fifty Shades Test

The Kings of Comeback: Five Lessons for Success From the World Series

Becoming Fearless: A Conversation With A Girl Undone Author Catherine Linka

Art of Resistance: Charlie Hebdo‘s Antonio Fischetti and Judea Pearl on the War on Journalists

The Adaptation Game: Playing with Fifty Shades of Sex for Film

Ode to Joy: Robin, Joan and Laughter’s Long Life

Shooting Diamonds: Directing the World Series

Baseball’s Library: Inside the Hall of Fame Archives

A Tobor the 8th Man Valentine: My Secret Superhero Romance Revealed!

Shooting Diamonds: Directing Sandman’s Exit and MLB’s Best TV

A Midsummer Classic Scrapbook: MLB Great All-Star Game Moments

Baseball’s Less-is-More Season: Low Numbers Were Highlights in MLB

When All-Stars Align: The Streak, .400 and the Home Run of ’41

Superheroes of the Baseball Season

A Twilight Seduction: What Men Can Learn From Edward

“The Shopping Maccabees: A Chanukah Miracle”

The Big Smooch: Start the New Year With a Movie Kiss

Baseball’s Big Black Eye: Black Sox, Blackouts and the Banning of Buck Weaver

Michael Jackson’s Other Big Move: The Crotch-Grab

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Calling Perfection (print)

Bob Wolff Recalls Larsen’s Perfect Game for Yankees in 1956

Opposites attract: A Seasaw Season (print)

Opposites Attract: Baseball’s Best of Times, Worst of Times

Curtain Calls: 10 Season Highlights (print)

The 2009 MLB Regular Season Had Its Share of Curtain Calls

Defining Moments (print)

Moments That Defined a Season

The Calls of October (print)

How Announcers Made the Right Call

The Show Goes On Under Bright Lights (print)

Players Put Own Spin on Hitting (print)

Hollywood Can’t Compete (print)


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Preston Sturges: A Screwball Centennial (print)

Hail Preston Sturges: A Centennial Celebration (print)


The Los Angeles Press Club:

Angels in Lockdown

Maybe This Finally Changes Everything for Women in the Industry (print)


The New York Times:

Women in Uniform