Praise for the writing of Devra Maza:


On her original screenplays:

“Devra writes contemporary films that are rooted in and very much nourished by the same magic that gave us those wonderfully rich comedies and intrigues of the 40’s. Screenplays like this come along rarely.”
– Allen Daviau, award-winning cinematographer


On her HuffPost article “The Adaptation Game: Playing with Fifty Shades of Sex for Film”:

“Good writing makes the difference here, as it elevates entertainment journalism from casual observation to something more involving and in-depth. Devra Maza exhibits the talent to delve into many different subjects while always bringing a spark to the writing.”
– Judges Comments, Best Entertainment Blog by an Individual
National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Award winner


On her HuffPost article “The Kings of Comeback: Five Lessons for Success From the World Series”:

“This is a masterful commentary because it has all of the necessary elements—a thorough presentation of the background of the situation, the thoughtful raising of issues/questions to be answered and a discussion of what should or could be done. Well done!”
– Judges Comments, Sports Commentary
Southern California Journalism Award winner


On her LA Daily News article “Love on the Lines“:

“An entertaining and witty column that puts a fun twist on a serious topic.”
– Judges Comments, Best Commentary
Southern California Journalism Award winner


On her HuffPost article “A Tobor the 8th Man Valentine: My Secret Superhero Romance Revealed!“:

“I have no idea if this will reach you, Devra, but after discovering your article on Tobor the 8th Man I had to try. The reason is that I was Tobor, or at least his voice. I’ve received tons of comments from fans over the years and have read many on-line and magazine articles, but your piece was really special…Thanks to the Internet – and generous people like you -Tobor, now long retired, still has fans!”
-Jerry Berke
Voice of Tobor the 8th Man


On her HuffPost article “Ode to Joy: Robin, Joan and Laughter’s Long Life”:

“Maza’s touching dual portrait of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers celebrates their lives and the laughter they provided to millions of fans. Linking the two late entertainers and their works is an inspiring piece of work.”
-Judges Comments, Celebrity Feature
National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Award winner