5 Tips for Success From the World Series Kings of Comeback on Huff Post Sports

Devra Māza‘s feature story “The Kings of Comeback: Five Lessons for Success From the World Series” has been published on The Huffington Post‘s Sports page. The article, which showcases exhilarating comebacks in each of the five World Series games, shines a spotlight on the unique qualities of character, exemplified by the heroics of corresponding individual players, that made victory possible. An in-depth look at how each star athelete overcame daunting setbacks to rise to the championship occasion with a winning mindset made up of resilience, consistency, faith, perseverance, and execution, reveals strategies for success that can be applied to any endeavor, no matter what your aspiration. For more on Devra and her articles, follow her on Twitter @DevraMaza and visit DevraMaza.com.

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