Voice of Tobor the 8th Man Talks!

I am thrilled to share with everyone this wonderful note I received from the voice of Tobor the 8th Man, Jerry Berke, about my tribute feature story “A Tobor the 8th Man Valentine: My Secret Superhero Romance Revealed!” It just proves, if you put your mind to it, when you grow up, dreams (and cartoons) really can come true:
I have no idea if this will reach you, but after discovering your article on Tobor the 8th Man I had to try. The reason is that I was Tobor, or at least his voice. I’ve received tons of comments from fans over the years and have read many on-line and magazine articles, but your piece was really special. And it’s amazing you guessed that Tobor was Jewish! I really appreciate your very kind words about me and the show. Frankly, after spending about nine months dubbing in the studio (also wrote a few episodes), I forgot about the project and moved on with my work in radio and TV. No idea it would have a following this long. But thanks to the Internet – and generous people like you -Tobor, now long retired, still has fans!
Many thanks,
Jerry Berke

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