National Entertainment Journalism Award Nominations

The following appears on the Writers Guild of America, West website in their November Buzz section under News & Events:

Devra Māza has been nominated for two National Entertainment Journalism Awards in this year’s Special Centennial Awards category, honoring exceptional entertainment writing over the past century. Maza’s Los Angeles Times cover story “Dance With Me” a seductive analysis of romantic dances in film, has been nominated for Best Entertainment Feature. The article was one of a series of annual Valentine’s Day Weekend cover stories written as odes to romantic films. Maza is also nominated in the Centennial category of Best Entertainment Investigative Story for “Are you Game?” This LA Times article featured Joe Morgan and other great MLB sportscasters sharing insights on how to watch a game on television. The feature was one in a series of Calendar Weekend MLB Opening Day cover stories which broke new ground by bringing baseball out of the sports page and into the Entertainment section. The NEJ Awards will take place on Sunday, November 24, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles. For finalists, tickets or further information, please contact the Los Angeles Press Club.

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